duo b!z'art André Roe Geoffrey Baptiste

We are the duo b!z’art, a Belgian piano duet for 1 and 2 pianos, founded by André Roe and Geoffrey Baptiste in 2004.

Bizarre means what is unusual and unconventional, to make you discover with passion the world of arts.
Playing the piano with 4 hands, we use 20 fingers of 2 musicians sharing the 88 keys of a piano. This gives a very special show, where our hands can twirl on the keyboard with great virtuosity.
This ensemble provides a very unique repertoire. Sometimes the instrument can be intimate, like Salon-Music, other times it becomes symphonic imitating the orchestra.
In addition, we find ourselves facing the piano, communicating together, inviting the public to share this special moment. Sincerity, energy and love of music is the focus of our ongoing research.

Our concerts revolve around a strong and original theme (« Souvenirs, souvenirs, ... », « Made in USA », « Waltzes, tangos and other dances », ...), influenced by our musical tastes ranging from romantic to 20th century music, we combine happily classical hits and unknown masterpieces.

We also propose musical shows, combining music, theatre and visual projections, allowing the audience to live an entire and fulfilling artistic experience.

Enjoying meeting new audiences and attaching great importance to bringing music to the young, we have designed special educational concerts, entertaining and interactive musical shows, that we can perform either in partnership with cultural institutions or directly in schools.

We regularly give concert tours across Europa (Scandinavia, British Islands, Baltic Republics, Croatia, Slovenia, Switzerland) and as well as in China.

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