Audience and press reviews

« What a treat we had last night with your performance. It really list up our spirit and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you so much! »
Atsuko Okada Houseam, Facebook (02/11/19)

« Superb concert (Leatherhead) and what a bonus the two encores were. »
Andy Hoskins, Facebook (31/10/19)

«  On Saturday last, at the Town Hall, Inverurie Music presented Duo B!z’art (André Roe and Geoffrey Baptiste.) In a four hands on one piano performance they earned enthusiastic applause and a reward of two encores.  [...]
The duo played with verve and splendid synchronicity, showing the concentration and mental preparation needed to switch rhythms and treat each dance as an entity.
The second piece was an ideal contrast [...] expertly and sensitively played by the duo. John Hearne’s “Solemn and Strange Music” was written in 1998 and won the Gregynog Composer’s Award for Wales in that year. [...]
Many smiles could be seen on the faces of the audience in the opening of Dolly by Fauré as the opening “Berceuse” (Cradle Song) was the theme tune for the BBC’s “Listen with Mother”. The piece has never lost its appeal and four hands allow the control and subtle variation that Geoffrey and André exploited to the full. Faure’s music conveys a lot in such brief morsels, evoking the times of the “jazz age.” [...]
  The encores included a splendid rendition of rhythm and drive in the “Libertango” by the Argentinian composer, Piazzolla. Well done, Duo B!z’art! »

Alasdair Massey, Inverurie Music Society (30/10/19)

« Brilliant concert! »
Alistair Kilgour, Facebook (26/10/19)

«  Thank you so much for a wonderful afternoon ! »
Elisa Costa, Facebook (6/11/19)

« Absolutely wonderful recital today. Great programme and what wonderful pianists; not to forget fabulous shirts. Thank you for an uplifting experience. »
Patsi Millar, Facebook (24/10/19)

« A joyful performance today. Such beautiful playing, full of feeling. Thank you for an uplifting experience. »
Anne Clegg, Facebook (24/10/19)

« Superb concert (Leatherhead) and what a bonus the two encores were. »
Andy Hoskins, Facebook (31/10/19)

« J'ai assisté hier dimanche 18 août au concert : superbe ! Deux musiciens en accord parfait qui, avec brio et humour (ce qui ne gâte rien, bien au contraire) ont enchanté un public très attentif. Vous avez dit Biz'art ? C'est tant mieux ! Beaucoup de succès amplement mérité à ce sympathique duo ! »
Bernard Martin-Dostal, Facebook (19/08/19)

« Superbe et charmant , pique-nique musical, interprété par 2 pianistes de talent, sympathiques, BRAVO!!!... »
Anne Xhrouet-Bertrand, Facebook (21/07/19)

« THANK YOU for a great concert, enjoyed every minute of it »
Inga George, Facebook (08/04/19)

« Lesley and I, and our guests Ian and Jackie, were spellbound by your program and performance. Thank you for sharing your talent and enthusiasm in the splendid arena of New Lanarks music room »
Nigel Thompson, Facebook (19/11/18)

« Thanks for a great concert in Edinburgh today, giving exciting new life to pieces a lot of us think we know. Wonderful to watch you both in action. As a bit of trivia, do you know that the Tchaikovsky Reed-Flutes melody is especially well-known in the UK because it was used in the 1970s for a famous TV advert for Cadbury's fruit and nut chocolate. You can fit the words "Ev'-ry-one's a fruit and nut-cake" neatly to the main theme... »
Chris Ayton, Facebook (16/11/18)

« Thank you for coming. The children really enjoyed it - a fantastic way to introduce classical music to young people. »
Alistair Kilgour, Facebook (26/10/19)

« Superb! »
Elizabeth Tapia-Contardo, Facebook (4/11/18)

« Great concert!!! Thank you »
Margareta Erikssson, Facebook (4/11/18)

« We really enjoyed Your fantastic performance. Good energi and great music. Those who weren´t there missed something! »
Iva Hellberg, Facebook (25/9/18)

« Enjoyed your concert tonight. Glad you enjoyed your visit to our island. »
Mary Dick, Facebook (28/1/18)

« Thanks for sharing your first performance of “Dreaming Child” with us here on Arran. Please come back again- with luck the sun will come out for you ? »
Susie Thompson, Facebook (28/1/18)

« A great concert the Isle of Arran last evening . Thank you Andre and Geoffrey. We loved your show »
Jan Mac Gregor, Arran Music Society, Facebook (28/1/18)

« [...] Pendant le concert, le duo b!z'art offre aux spectateurs un festin audiovisuel : les jeux La toupie, Saute-mouton, Bulles de Savon, Colin-Maillard et les contes La belle et la bête, Petit Poucet, etc. [...] »
Chinanews (18/11/17), traduction, Mrs Cao Jia

« Un très beau moment musical ce matin à la Maison Communale de Molenbeek-Saint-Jean. Un piano, deux pianistes, quatre mains, et voilà de la magie. Merci au Duo biz'art. »
Anne-Marie Schoonjans, Facebook (18/6/17)

« Très belle heure musicale,nous nous sommes régalés de musique !!
Et les 2 pianistes étaient vraiment dans l'ambiance ! merci à eux »

Casse Annie, Facebook (18/6/17)

« Excellent show. Merci. »
Sophie Huens Dandoy, Facebook (25/3/17)

« Fabulous concert & a very enjoyable evening. »
Izzy Ni Choittir, Facebook (25/3/17)

« [...] a variety of "Hungarian Dances" by Johannes Brahms [...] Our guest musicians interpreted these dances with temperament, dynamism and precision. The energy of the music, both in strength and speed, is certainly challenging, but was greatly mastered, and demonstrated an interaction and collaboration on the keyboard that impressed. [...]
They closed the concert with a Suite op. 11 by Sergei Rachmaninov [...] This piece also demonstrated the musicians's eminent interaction and their interpretation ability. After a prolonged and enthusiastic applause, the two pianists gave us a piece of Stravinsky's Petruskha as an encore. »

Kai Stoveland, Musikkens Venner Mandal (28/03/17)

« Really enjoyed your playing today in Reid Concert Hall, superb »
Irene Lavery, Facebook (16/11/18)

« Enjoyed the music, loved your shirts! »
Miha First, Facebook (19/11/16)

« It was a pleasure to listen to your wonderful colours and texture and true pianistic sound.
And...thank you for encore. Bravi. »

Inga Ulokina, Facebook (17/11/16)

« Your performance was amazing! Thank you and good luck with your future concerts! :) »
Janja Cerjak, Facebook (17/11/16)

« Really enjoyed seeing you tonight a Eden Court. Such a fab concert. »
Sam Barnister, Facebook (8/11/16)

« Wonderful. So much enjoyed the concert. Thank you »
El Weagle, Facebook (8/11/16)

« It was a fabulous concert in Dunblane! We enjoyed it thoroughly. Many thanks. »
Kathleen Morisson, Facebook (7/11/16)

« It was truly great and pleasant experience to see your performance tonight. Beside skill and talent it was really heartwarming to see that what you do - you both do with passion.
Although it was cold, windy and rainy evening, all the way home I went dancing inside.
Thank you for spreading that mighty and positive energy!
Looking forward to see your duo you again »

Jekaterina Kudrjašova, Facebook (28/10/16)

« Wonderful concert. Just fantastic! »
Brith Trulsvik, Facebook (26/10/16)

« A great concert, first time I have seen you. Very impressed, such a talented pair. The programme was excellent too! »
Chris Gould, Facebook (6/11/16)

Fantastique !! Le public a adoré et les artistes ont été récompensés par un beau standing ovations bien mérité.
Jeu très précisément travaillé et programme rafraichissant ! Bravo

Stefan Pitz, Eupen Musik Marathon 2016, Facebook (23/5/16)

« A wonderful concert of huge talent in a beautiful setting in UCC »
Noel Tummon, Facebook (20/3/16)

« Magnificent lunchtime concert today at the Aula Maxima UCC. Such a treat!! »
Patricia Power, Facebook (20/3/16)

« I had a brillant night tonight, thank you so much, what a great!! Good luck with the rest of your tour! »
Dorly O'Sullivan, Facebook (5/3/16)

« Thank you for a wonderfull concert in Pasvalio kulturos centras! We hope to see you here next time! »
Pasvalio Kulturos Centras, Facebook (3/11/15)

« I was in your concert in Säffle, Sweden, you were amazing, I really liked it! »
Ylva Malmqvist Sairio, Facebook (1/11/15)

« Duo Bizart, a piano duet from Belgium entertained the Junior School on Wednesday. They combined music describing fairy tales with humour and theatre.
The children laughed at the comedy, in particular their use of props to illustrate Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast.
We don’t often see pianists playing with blond wigs and scary masks. They were amazed by Geoffrey’s ability to play blindfolded and listened attentively to Andre’s story telling.
With so many Junior School pupils playing piano, it was fitting to spend an hour in the company of two excellent professionals whose playing mesmerised and captivated their audience. »

Richard Adams, Crosfield School (01/05/15)

«  [...] The audience was brought alive by the fast, lively tempo and the suddenly transformed into a hypnotising state for the second movement. [...] . The set of dances varied from the slow set to the quick step. It was a satisfying way to conclude the concert by Duo b!z'art, an electrifying ensemble. The crossing over of arms and hands during the playing was astounding [...] »
B!z'art-ness, in Wexford Echo, 24th March 2015