Press reviews

Helensburgh Advertiser, Belgian pianists to give Burgh concert this weekend (15/03/18) Chinanews, Concert in Jinan (trad. Mrs Cao Jia and Mr Geoffrey Baptiste) (17/11/17)
K.Stoveland, Musikkens Venner Mandal (28/03/17)
G.Aasland, "To sjeler, ett flygel in" Grimstad Adressetidende (22/11/15)
R.Adams, Twenty fingers on a piano (01/05/15)
S.Gahan, "B!z'art-ness", in Wexford Echo (24/03/15)
J.-M.A., "Quand duo rime avec piano", in Le Dauphiné Libéré (10/08/14)


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